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When people hear Church, they often think of a crowded building with people singing, chugging coffee, and hearing about Jesus. 

While not wrong it's not how the gospel was lived out in the first century by Jesus's Disciples.

Acts 2:46

In the first century they would receive instruction and study at the temple. Then gather in homes to share their lives, break bread, and love each other.

Acts 12:12

Here we see the 1st century Home Church lead by a woman. The early Church was diverse and had people of all walks of life.

Acts 16:40

Lydia another woman leading a Home Church, kept her home church going after Paul was arrested. Church happens when people gather, pray, speak the gospel, and love Jesus. 

Philemon 1-2

Paul sends greetings to Philemon and the Church in his home. There are many other examples throughout the Bible. You are the Church.


You'll notice that each of these examples has people Gathering.  

Today as we mask up and physically distance from others, it is difficult to gather. While many are eager to get back to what we have come to know as Church, it is not possible for Rivertown at this time.

       This is where we get the opportunity to get back to our roots, meeting in backyards, living rooms, garages, or wherever provides some space. 

    If you are comfortable with meeting in someone's home for Church First Century style or want to learn more about hosting, follow the link below to get in contact with our Home Church Coordinator Skyler.

We want to make sure that we are following the current guidelines set forth by the Governor as well as respecting the wishes of each host. We will be coordinating who attends where to avoid gatherings getting to large. 

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